Simple. Unified. Communications.

We make sure your tribe receives your messages.

SmartNotify ™: Communicate with your audience when they are ready to act.

Send emails, place calls, use SMS (text messages), manage your social networks, backup your contacts
And see who really matters to your organization: all from one simple-to-use application

Intelligent Broadcast

Wonder the best way to reach a contact? SmartNotify helps you evaluate the best channels to broadcast your messages. Find out, at the individual level, the right time to send your messages and increase your returns on your communication efforts.


Save hours monthly

Simplify your day: Receive the communications you want, at the time you want. SmartNotify filters, delays, and sorts your inbound messages so your day is not wasted by constant and costly interruptions. Check out our TCO calculator

Security and Privacy minded

Some communications should always stay private yet need to be managed from a single communication source to comply with different health and government regulations. Our SmartCast system helps you communicate safely and securely while keeping the audits and checks required to run your operations.


An API to fit your world

Our goal is to simplify your life, not making it more complex by adding more technology layers. If you already have an ERP, SIP, or other customer management systems in place, our API can be plugged-in quickly and easily so you can use the tools you like and still benefit from our technology.

creditcard Timely Communications

Communicate with your customers when they are ready to hear from you and able to act on your call.

dev Act globally, work locally

With some customization you can make this product apply to your branding guidelines and amaze your customers at the same time.

globe Statistics that matter

Get real-time, actionable, communication intelligence and learn where to focus your efforts and which channels to stay away from.

support Unfair advantage

SmartNotify gives you an unfair advantage over your competition: Having the right communication plan will lead to having a happier and more captive audience.

mail Unify communications

SmartNotify lets you gather all your communication tools under one, simple to use, interface. You can even send and receive calls right from your browser to stay connected and mobile.

locked Communicate securely

Worry about being Hipaa compliant or having the proper communication audit trails in place? SmartNotify was built-in with security and privacy in mind.

Mobile Ready

SmartNotify ™ is also available as a mobile app for iOS, Android, and Amazon.
We will even support Tizen when the first devices are made available!