Allow me to come clean:  I enjoy making practical jokes on people I care about.  My latest victim is my mom:  She is from the French Alps and seems immunized against the cold. She even likes to sleep with her window opened in the dead of winter which years ago led to a pipe bursting in the house.  So, how could I protect the house, give my mom a hard time, and tinker with the Galileo Board?

Setting up the joke

First thing I did was hook up the temperature sensor on the galileo board.  The board connects to the internet via Wifi.

I then put the board in a part of the house that is subjected to IceWoman ‘s control and where I do not dare enter without my sub-zero suit.

When the temperature drops below certain thresholds certain actions get triggered from the board: + Below 19 (Celsius people...relax!)  an email is sent remind the offender to be a good neighbor. + Below 16, here comes an SMS to her and my aunt mentioning that since we paid to install heaters it could be a nice idea to use them. Added benefit is bringing my aunt into the conversation as she has no idea what is going on.

+ Finally under 14 I have a robocall going in, pretending to be from the Spider Protection Agency asking the house resident to check on the wellbeing of 2 spiders in the home.

Now, keep in mind that when this happens I usually am in an entirely different country so my victim is left wondering how I knew this. The joke went on for a few days until I had to come clean about it. Thankfully I have not been removed from the will yet though given that, as we say in France, revenge is best served cold, I am a tad fearful of what is to happen to me next!

Taking it out to the next level.

Obviously the example here is a great way to run a joke on someone but the very same steps and logic can be applied to larger operations. At the core of this project is the ability to merge raw data, historical knowledge, and a reliable communication layer.

Captors, sensors, and connected devices will give immediate knowledge.  For example, sensors can alert you of rising water levels.

You can then feed this data into another analysis system.   For example,  you can use this water sensing data and couple it with some of the Geospatial data provided by Esri as part of their services.

At this stage, you have an event, an analysis, but you still need to make it relevant. Data without relevance is just noise. To make it relevant you will have to make sure it is communicated properly to the right stakeholders.

Getting to the right stakeholders means: + The right people are alerted - so let's not alert Gil if Gil is in a different location, unable to help. + If no one “responds” then the proper escalation protocols should be implemented automatically +You can manage the response stream from people to take the proper action or send back data to the device.

Because IoT makers must be focusing on building great connected devices, we at SmartNotify(tm) have been focusing on the communication layer.  The reasons we built our software revolve around making it simple for IoT devices to communicate with their audience:

There is a plethora of services you can use to send emails, sms, calls, tweets...the problem is that you need to integrate with all of them. And once you have done so, you need to worry about:

- These services not going out of business.

- These services not changing their API on you so you have to maintain everything.

- These services keeping your data safe (as in not reselling it), within compliance (as in, let’s not have European data transit outside of the Euro zone), and live (as in, what happens when there is a large outage.

Using SmartNotify, a maker can deploy in a multi-channel, 2-way, communication solutions in just a few lines of code (check it out below!)

Tell us about some of the ways you are merging communications into the internet of things and share some of your galileo project.

I would also like to invite you to come and use the SmartNotify api on your next project!