Trucking is a tough business. Besides the usual difficulties, truckers are becoming increasingly vulnerable to cargo theft and personal attacks. Reports suggest that over $12B in cargo vanish yearly in the US alone!
On top of this over 30% of all accidents are due to drowsiness or tiredness at the wheel. Yes, there are some systems available in never, expensive, trucks though most professionals cannot afford them.

Also, the current technology is responsive (correcting a line change or sounding a high pitch alert once the driver is asleep) though unfortunately if you are the car coming on the other side of the road, you’d rather have pro-active technology!

At SmartNotify, we can tackle the safety and security problem heads on by mixing our patent pending Algorithm along with IoT and really, really, smart cameras to make drivers happier, cargo more secured, and other people on the road safer!

On the safety front, new recognition technology can be used to provide contextual and information content to drivers before the accidents happen. And given our commercial approach fleet managers and individual owners no longer have to worry about whether they can afford this safety feature.

On the security front, we use connected devices, beacons, to keep people and freight secured. Here is a short video intro to see our alerting technology in action. Of course, we give you several geo-intelligent layers to help you locate and secure your resources faster.

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